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About DoNotDonut

OK - before anyone starts to panic, nobody has to give up donuts! We love a treat as much as the next person, but perhaps just not every day.

DoNotDonut.com exists because we were fed up seeing people, who wanted to lose weight, being charged by websites to do so. The fact that anyone makes a conscious decision to lose weight shouldn’t be soured by having to pay a monthly fee for the privilege.

None of us needs reminding that less excess weight means better health. No sh*t Sherlock! What we need to know is how to do it in a way that doesn’t necessarily rely on having to constantly drink 3 milkshakes a day. So, at DoNotDonut you’ll find information and ideas from likeminded people and those who know what they’re talking about. There’ll be recipes and weight loss tips. There’ll be exercise suggestions and ideas for general wellbeing. But above all there’ll be kindness and support.

Hey, we’re not saying this is going to be easy. But we hope that we can make it as fun and painless as possible by providing you with a friendly environment, surrounded by people with the same goals.

So, whether you are here to lose 1 kilo or 50 – let’s get this party (without all the bad treats) started!


Mindfulness, it's more than just a buzz word being thrown about by smoothie drinking Yogi's. Mindfulness is the ultimate goal we have as human beings. A balance of all aspects of our nature, avoiding stress whilst remaining vigilant, keeping calm but avoiding apathy. As with all things, balance is vital. Here at Do Not Donut, we give you all the tools you need to maintain a happy and healthy life.

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"You are what you eat", "food is fuel". We've all heard these sayings, they are shouted by every fitness trainer from here to LA, but what does it mean? Without proper diet and nutrition you will never be able to maintain a good quality of mental and physical fitness. We provide information and advice to create easy and balanced meals for everyone. Whether you are keeping it keto or eating a plant based diet, we are here to support your goals.

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Working smart is the new working hard. Efficiency is key. Giving your absolute best effort is not worth a thing if you don't temper it alongside a science-led and methodical approach to exercise. Often, time is the biggest factor when it comes to working out so the name of the game is getting the most bang for your buck. That's where we come in, we research performance related studies and distill them down to their basic principles, then provide them to you for an easily digestible dose of fitness news.

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Health is the highest form of wealth, though health is not often prioritised as highly as it should be. In the average person's busy life juggling kids and careers, health can take a back seat. As you get older, maintaining your physical and mental health becomes more and more vital. Whether it is supporting those living with a physical medical disorder, or someone struggling with depression, we provide the most in-depth and up-to-date information available online to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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A philosophy graduate that loves dogs, cats, food, and going to the gym at 6am. Just trying to spread as much information about health and fitness as I can to help motivate whoever I can to start their journey and smash it! Feel free to check out by blog 'Off the scale' every other Friday to follow my journey and mission to get others to focus on something else rather than what the scale says.



A jargon-juggling fanatic getting into the world of health and fitness, simply looking to spread as much info as possible. Check out my journey in the gym and in the kitchen, with posts every other Wednesday on my blog 'Consistently Inconsistent.'


A veteran who is working to get back to fighting fitness. Obsessed with CICO and lifting weights. Follow my progress in my "Tobias Talks" blog, new posts every Thursday.