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9 High-protein, low-calorie dinner recipes

by Freya 5 minutes read

Last updated: 10 May, 2022

As you may know (or not), protein is vital when it comes to weight loss and toning, it can keep you fuller for longer, helping you avoid those unwanted cravings. It can be difficult to find dinner recipes that have both a low amount of calories and a high amount of protein. But, fear not! We have a list of some delicious high-protein dinners under 500 calories.

1. Linguine with creamy mushroom sauce

When you think about a diet food, your first thoughts are usually lots of greens and no cream, well this recipe breaks those diet norms and brings a new way of losing weight to light. You can make delicious creamy recipes and still stay on track.

Calories: 479; Protein:16.5g

Creamy mushroom linguine

Via Eatingwell

2. Pizza-stuffed spaghetti squash

Usually, a strict diet comes with cravings, often your favourite takeaways including pizza! This recipe allows you to skip the dough but still beat those pizza cravings with its delicious flavours. This meal is packed with cheese, sauce, and pepperoni, you could even make it vegetarian and substitute the pepperoni for something else such as mushroom!

Calories: 373; Protein: 16.4g

Pizza Squash

Via Eatingwell

3. Chipotle chicken wraps

These tasty chicken wraps are packed with protein and flavour without the guilt. They are great for a night in or even a quick meal in 30 minutes!

Calories: 425; Protein: 28g

Chipotle chicken wraps ff2937e

Via BBC goodfood

4. Stuffed sweet potatoes with chili

Chili and sweet potatoes go great together, creating the perfect tasty and healthy recipe. You can always make this vegetarian by using quorn mince rather than regular mince.

Calories: 266; Protein: 20.1g

Chili potato

Via Eatingwell

5. Baked feta couscous

Baked feta pasta became a huge craze on tiktok recently, so Myprotein created a healthy couscous version which tastes amazing and is low in calories! For extra protein, you could add some tasty lemon and herb chicken.

Calories: 361; Protein: 14.4g

Baked feta cous cous

Via Myprotein

6. Healthy tuna pasta

This recipe is super quick and easy, it is comforting but packed with three of your five a day! It is super tasty and could be made into a healthy lunch too!

Calories: 459; Protein: 28g

Tuna pasta

Via BBC goodfood

7. Healthy lasagne

This easy, healthy lasagne recipe is perfect for families. It has all the goodness of classic lasagne but is lighter and packed with protein.

Calories: 273; Protein: 27g

Healthy Lasange

Via BBC goodfood

8. Caprese turkey burgers

These turkey burgers are seasoned with Italian spices and topped with juicy tomatoes drizzled with balsamic, fresh basil and mozzarella. The perfect healthy dinner for Caprese salad fans!

Calories: 472; Protein: 33.3g

Caprese turkey burger

Via Eatingwell

9. Black bean-quinoa bowl

This healthy black bean and quinoa bowl is similar to a taco salad, but without the fried shell. It's topped with fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, and avocado, and served with a delicious hummus dressing.

Calories: 500; Protein: 20.4g

Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

Via Eatingwell

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