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Healthy rainbow recipes to celebrate pride month

by Freya 4 minutes read

Last updated: 19 Jul, 2022

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the annual pride month in the UK, we will be sharing some great rainbow themed recipes that you can enjoy while staying on track! Just click the photo to see the recipe!

Hummus rainbow wraps

Not quite the full rainbow, but still pretty colourful, tasty, easy and quick!

This recipe is just 286 calories and you can easily add any extras like chicken or halloumi to make it extra tasty

Houmous rainbow wrap 915285a

Via BBCgoodfood

Rainbow pancakes

This iconic recipe is super colourful and the perfect way to celebrate this pride month.

Each serving is 324 calories

Rainbow pancakes cropped recipe page d837f5b

Via BBCgoodfood

Rainbow vanilla cheesecake bars

This colourful number tastes as good as it sounds and it's easy to customise if you want to make it extra special!

Each cheesecake bar is 259 calories.

Rainbow cheesecake bars horizont

Via Inside BruCrew Life

Rainbow fruit skewers

A cool and fresh summer snack to eat in this heat and it's packed with vitamins to keep you safe and healthy this pride month.

One rainbow fruit skewer is just 59 calories so you can have plenty without feeling guilty!

Fruit skewer 9fc3630

Via BBCgoodfood

Rainbow fruit ice lollies

Another cooling recipe perfect for the hot weather and crazy colourful! You could easily add more colours by adding extra fruit or mixing it and trying different fruits to the original recipe.

Just 42 calories for each ice lolly!

Tesco rainbow ice lolly

Via Tesco Real Food

Rainbow meringues

A pretty little rainbow treat and simple to make.

One serving is 23 calories, so go crazy if you’ve got a sweet tooth! (But no too crazy as they’re full of sugar)

Rainbow meringues LGH 89f86ea0 4

Via Tesco Real Food

Rainbow rice paper rolls

Try these rice paper rolls to mix up your lunch this pride month. Red cabbage and radishes add a lovely pop of colour, you could even add some lettuce or substitute the red cabbage.

Each serving is 85 calories yet filling.

Rainbow rice paper rolls dec46dc

Via BBCgoodfood

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