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How to stay on track while on holiday

by Freya 4 minutes read

Last updated: 12 Jul, 2022

Often people worry about staying on track with their health and fitness goals while on vacation, there are some simple ways in which you can stay on track while still enjoying yourself, after all that is what it is for!

Here are some top tips on how to stay on track this holiday season!


It is important while on holiday, especially if you are in a hot country, to drink enough water.

When you’re having fun, it can become easy to forget to drink, but it is vital that you make it a top priority. Dehydration can occur quickly and easily if you are not getting enough water, in hot climates it can be a lot quicker.

Drinking water will help you stay on track, it will encourage your digestive system to regulate and avoid any back up which can lead to some discomfort.

One way to stay hydrated is by taking your bottle away with you and taking it everywhere with you, and then you don’t have to worry about not having money to buy a bottle or nowhere to access drinking water from.

Remember, water is needed for your health journey. It increases energy, improves movement, helps with recovery and agility, and thermoregulation.

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Stay active

Staying active during your trip will allow you to keep on track.

This doesn't necessarily have to be a specific exercise regime, it could be a walk, hike, HIIT, or swimming. Use the scenery to your advantage, going for a hike, run, or walk in a scenic area will make you forget that you’re even working out.

If you have access to a pool on your holiday, having a swim will be super helpful for your journey and it can be refreshing in hotter climates (you also won't feel sweaty, which doesn’t feel nice at all in hot weather). Swimming is a full body workout, meaning it is helpful for all goals, whether that's to lose weight or build muscle.

You could also do a quick circuit if you have the room and a beautiful view. You could bring some equipment from home, such as a resistance band. Working out in an enjoyable setting can be beneficial for the workout itself and positive for the mind.

But remember, it is ok to take a break from exercise, make sure you enjoy the holiday.

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It can be tempting to not eat so you look good in a bikini at this time of year, but this can diminish your journey.

Starving yourself will put your body in an unhealthy state that it will try its hardest to get out of. Your body needs food to function properly and without food it will slow down your metabolism to restore its energy, it will eat lean muscle tissue to meet its energy needs.

When on holiday, it is important to keep your healthy habits while still enjoying your time.

Make sure you are eating at least 3-4 meals throughout the day, and snacking where you can. It can be helpful to plan out your meals, e.g. where you could go or make to ensure you are not lost on where to eat.

Try and keep your meals balanced to help you stay consistent on holiday and in the long term. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little, you are allowed to treat yourself and not to chicken and lettuce only! You just need to strike a balance.

Meal prepping can be helpful if you have access to a kitchen, but it is not essential, on holiday you want to relax and meal prepping can be a chore at times.

Just stick to healthy eating where you can, but also treat yourself where you can, it's vacation after all!

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