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Keto-friendly breakfasts

by Freya 6 minutes read

Last updated: 18 Jan, 2023

Starting a keto diet can be overwhelming when almost every meal you had before may have included a high amount of carbs.

It can be challenging to think of a keto breakfast recipe, but that’s what we are here for! There are so many keto breakfast ideas that you might not have thought of including, low-carb bread, waffles, pancakes and so much more!

We have compiled the best online recipes, just click the images for the full recipe.

Keto Pancakes

Yes, you can have pancakes on a keto diet!

These fluffy and delicious pancakes will help beat your sweet tooth cravings and make you feel like you’re not on a diet.

They are made keto as the recipe uses almond flour and coconut oil, avoiding any unnecessary carbs and fats.

Keto pancakes


Cheesy bacon and egg muffins

This recipe is deliciously low in carbs and high in protein, making it the perfect post-workout breakfast while sticking to your keto diet.

It is quick and easy to prepare in advance, just mix everything together and add it to the muffin cups and cook!

Egg muffin brunch recipe


Breakfast casserole

This is the ideal keto breakfast meal prep recipe, you can make enough for 6-8 servings at a time.

The combination of Italian sausage, purple sprout broccoli, cheese, and basil makes a tasty dish that can be had for breakfast or lunch. If you aren’t a fan of Fontina cheese, you can use mozzarella instead.

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Keto Pumpkin Bread

A delectable autumn recipe to get you excited for the Holiday season.

This keto pumpkin bread is made from almond flour and lots of pumpkins, as well as ground cinnamon and chocolate chips for extra taste.

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Everything keto bagels

These keto bagels are amazingly tasty and are surprisingly low in carbs. They are keto as you sub the bread flour for almond flour and use lots of mozzarella cheese, making it deliciously no sinful, and full of healthy fats.

They are super easy to make and you don’t need to knead them or wait for them to rise, so they will come together in less than an hour.

Delish keto bagels 052 1547523335


Breakfast stuffed peppers

These gluten-free and keto-stuffed bell peppers are full of cheese and egg, making them a tasty breakfast idea that is low in calories and high in protein.

This recipe suggests Swiss Gruyere shredded cheese but you can use any shredded alternative, including mozzarella and cheddar.

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Strawberry avocado smoothie

This creamy, low-carb strawberry and avocado smoothie is made from almond milk, frozen strawberries, frozen avocado, and powdered monk fruit, which you don’t need to use but it adds an extra taste.

It is the perfect on-the-move breakfast, it is simple and quick to make.

Wholesomeyum Strawberry Avocado Keto Smoothie Recipe 1


Keto breakfast fat bombs

These fat bombs are made with delicious ingredients including, cream cheese, boiled eggs, bacon, and spring onion, complied together they make an amazing low-carb breakfast.

Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs


Keto Waffles

These keto waffles are fluffy yet crispy to perfection, they are made with coconut flour and oil making them friendly for low-carb diets.

They are simple and easy to make, however, you will need a waffle iron to make them, if not you can always make pancakes out of the batter instead.

Keto waffles


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