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The best one-pot recipes for winter

by Freya 7 minutes read

Last updated: 14 Oct, 2022

It's starting to get colder, and if you’re like me, you’re starting to get lazier, especially when making dinner.

There's something about dark and cold nights that makes it harder to get motivated to both cook and clean an extravagant meal.

We have a secret to help you out, stick to one-pan dinners, it always means less washing up and they’re just as tasty as any other meal.

We have compiled together some of the best one-pot meals to warm you up this winter, just click on the image to find the full recipe.

Chicken cacciatore one-pot with orzo

This chicken cacciatore is comfort cuisine at its finest. Orzo absorbs the flavours of the chicken and tomatoes while it cooks, creating a deliciously rich pasta dish.

Despite this dish being healthy, you wouldn’t notice from its rich flavour and how filling it is. It required a lot of ingredients but it is literally a one-pot dish, not extra washing apart from your prep equipment!

Chicken cacciatore one pot with orzo 336ef36


One-pan spaghetti with nduja, fennel & olives

A tasty and unique pasta dish with spicy sausage. This is a super quick dish, it takes just 30 minutes and requires a very small amount of equipment.

Making use of the cooking water gives the pasta more body and helps the sauce stick to it. One pan to clean, the ideal pasta, and a silky smooth sauce!

One pan spaghetti with nduja fennel olives 2308fb3


Spinach, sweet potato & lentil dahl

This spinach, sweet potato, and lentil dhal is low in fat and calories, rich in iron, and contains three of the recommended five servings per day. With chunky vegetables and red split lentils, it is very filling.

It can easily be frozen and reheated, allowing the dish to go the extra mile this winter.

Spinach sweet potato and lentil dhal be8fae5


Chicken and broccoli casserole

This dish is not your traditional casserole, it's a casserole revelation!

It comes out of the oven browned, cheesy, and bubbling. The creamy chicken breast, broccoli, and cheese make for a classic comfort food dish that tastes amazing and protein-packed.

Chicken broc cass


Slow-cooked chicken curry

This slow cooker dish is perfect if you don't have the time to tend to it. Cooking the chicken legs slowly in curry sauce for 6 hours allows them to be deliciously tender and heavenly.

This curry is seasoned with warming fresh ginger and curry paste and can be served with rice and coriander to finish off the perfect curry.

Slow cooker chicken curry c40f18b


American goulash

This American goulash dish is the ideal economical family meal, it requires just one pot as the pasta cooks in the sauce.

The seasonings do not have to be fresh for them to taste amazing, you can buy dried spices and use them for other dishes too, saving you a bit of extra money.

American goulash


One-pot roast dinner

You can finally take the stress away from your Sunday roast with this easy one-pot recipe, it couldn’t be simpler!

It is the perfect hearty meal for a winter Sunday, feel free to add any extras such as cauliflower cheese or stuffing on the side.

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Sausage, kale & gnocchi one-pot

With just five minutes of preparation, this delectable one-pot meal of sausage, kale, and gnocchi can be served in about 20 minutes. Midweek dinners have never been so simple or delicious!

Serve with parmesan and black pepper for more flavour!

Sausage kale gnocchi one pot e890b33


Chicken, kale & mushroom pot pie

This chicken, kale, and mushroom pot pie will be a hit with the whole family. Cook through chicken breasts that have been fried with thyme, garlic, and chestnut mushrooms. Add green kale, crème fraîche, whole-grain mustard, and chicken stock, place the puff pastry over the dish, cook and viola!

It is a super easy dish and takes just 30 minutes in the oven.

Chicken kale mushroom pot pie 1b0817a


One-pot creamy garlic noodles

Both simple and tasty, these creamy garlic noodles may be made in one pot. This dinner is a hit on all counts because it doesn't contain cream or a lot of butter.

You can make this dish with spaghetti noodles, fettuccine noodles, or even egg noodles, whichever you would prefer!



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