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Top healthy Air-fryer recipes

by Freya 7 minutes read

Last updated: 25 Jul, 2022

Sometimes making dinner can be a chore, especially in this hot weather! Air fryers take out the stress of cooking and allow you to relax while it does the rest of the job.

One thing that can feel more of a chore than cooking, is cooking something healthy - air fryers allow you to make more exciting meals that are equally as healthy as you can enjoy fried food without the added oil!

However, just because you are frying it in the air fryer, it doesn't make it healthy, you will still need to use natural and healthy ingredients to ensure it is still good for you.

Here are some of the top air fryer recipes to include in your next meal plan!

Air fryer chicken tenders

These air fryer chicken tenders are the perfect comfort food while staying on track. They are juicy on the inside and perfectly crispy and full of flavour on the outside.

Although, be careful as this recipe still has saturated fats and high in sodium and cholesterol. Each serving comes to 229 calories, so stick to one serving and implement balance into the meal, for example add some tender stem broccoli into the mix - which you can also do in the airfryer!

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Via Eating Bird Food

Air fryer Salmon

Looking for ways to bring your protein intake up and your calorie intake down? Air fryer salmon is the perfect idea, just 304 calories and 48g of protein per serving.

It is a simple and quick recipe that you can have with salad, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, or whatever you fancy!

Via Eating Bird Food

Air fryer french fries

Yes, you can still have french fries on your diet! All you need to do is get some fresh potatoes and throw them in the air fryer, with some preparation of course.

They are tasty, quick, and easy to make with just 185 calories per serving.

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Via Taste of Home

Air fryer taco twist

The perfect dish for Taco Tuesday, and on top of that it's healthy.

This taco dish has a twist to it, it is made with crescent rolls (puff pastry) adding something new to the mix to make it even better. They are just 371 calories and 16g of protein, perfect for staying on track for your goals.

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Via Taste of Home

Air fryer fried rice

This is an easy mouth watering dish that you can make with store bought cooked packets of rice, perfect paired with some chicken, tofu, turkey or eggs to add a bit of extra protein.

You can make this dish with some simple ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen and mix it up with your own spices too.

Air Fryer Fried Rice 11

Via Vegetarian Mamma

Air fryer sweet potato fries

The perfect side dish for your air fryer mains, these sweet potato fries are easy to make a healthier option as less olive oil is used.

Cooking them in the air fryer gives them that deep fried crisp with less calories and less fat. This recipe makes 2 servings and is 149 calories per person.

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Via feel good foodie

Air fryer chicken thighs

In under 30 minutes you could have some crispy chicken thighs for just 239 calories! The air fryer is the best option for chicken thighs as it creates the perfect crisps, they taste great, and they are lower in fat.

Air fryer chichen thighs feature image

Via Jennifer Banz

Air fryer brussel sprouts

Another great side dish that is easy and healthy, you could have it with a roast, some chicken, couscous, or the delicious salmon recipe suggested earlier.

All you need to do is chop up the sprouts and throw them in the air fryer with some seasoning and viola!

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Via Eating Bird Food

Air fryer pork chops

This is the perfect pork chop recipe, they take just 15 minutes all together. They are crispy and tender and can be served with the above recipe, green beans, asparagus, salad, or pasta.

Each serving is 431 calories and 56g of protein, perfect for hitting your macros.

Airfryer pork chops 16

Via Recipes From a Pantry

Air fryer buffalo cauliflower

These taste as amazing as they sound, you won't even realise you’re indulging into cauliflower instead of chicken, they take 30 minutes to air fry and are just 112 calories per serving.

You could have these as a tasty snack or impress your friends with a delicious appetiser with a dipping sauce of your choice, but if you’re wanting a healthy option, you could make the dipping sauce yourself so it's fresh and not processed, avoiding unnecessary fats.

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Via Eating Bird Food

Air fryer chicken wings

The perfect replacement for the recipe above if you’re hosting for a die hard carnivore, they are super easy and flavoursome.

Each serving is 271 calories and 22g of protein, they could be served alone or with air fryer sweet potato fries.

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Via Best Recipe Box

Air fryer chicken breast

This is a tender and moist chicken breast recipe that is full of flavour, it can be eaten with almost anything! Including, most of the side dishes mentioned on this article, pasta, salad, rice, couscous, the list goes on.

It is a simple recipe to get your protein intake up with 41g and only 251 calories per serving.

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Via Eating Bird Food

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