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What is Wellbeing?

by Tobias 2 minutes read

Last updated: 04 Jul, 2022

There is a new word that has surrounded health and fitness for a few years now, wellbeing. Today we will explain exactly what it means and what it could mean for you.

The word wellbeing could be replaced with another similar word such as wellness or contentedness. Essentially it means your overall quality of life. In medical terms this could relate to your physical health or your mental health.

Physical wellbeing can be achieved in a variety of ways, normally through a mixture of consistent and balanced physical activity paired with a nutritious and varied diet. We go into more detail about maintaining physical health in our "Performance" section of Do Not Donut. In that section you will find discussions and articles around fitness concepts such as HIIT and Tabata training and also more detailed articles with easy to follow exercises and workouts.

Mental wellbeing is a much more difficult concept, both to explain and to achieve. Unable to be achieved in isolation without an active life. It is very hard to have a positive mindset and world view without a decent amount of physical effort. Likewise it is almost impossible to achieve a high level of physical health without the support of good mental health.

There is also a third, more ineffable meaning to the word, spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellbeing is normally derived from interaction with others. The spiritual side of life is often neglected nowadays which can lead to other areas of our lives being hindered. We aren't saying that everyone should be in church on a Sunday, in fact far from it. But every person should build a spiritual support system around themselves to help when times are hard. Complete health and wellbeing can only be reached if the person has a sense of purpose and sense of belonging within a community of peers.

Here at we want to provide our community of readers with the tools and support needed to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. We have seperated all the key pillars of a healthy life into 4 distinct areas, Mindfulness, Food, Fitness and Wellbeing. Today we have obviously looked into the latter. Please take the chance to check out our articles that we have compiled, fact-checked and provided to you, absolutely free.

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