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An Introduction to Ezra's Journey

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by Ezra
on 22 Nov, 20223 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Ezra’s Journey!

I joined the team at DoNotDonut just over a month ago, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me!

My name’s Ezra - I’m 24, 5’4. I love all things to do with activism, fashion, travelling, and astrology (my sun sign is Sagittarius).

This blog will be my musings about all the adventures I’ve been on so far, things I’ve experimented with (some with better outcomes than others), and the lessons I’ve learned.

Today, I thought I would talk about my journey with veganism. If you see a vegan article on this site, chances are that it’s probably written by me. I have been following a vegan diet since I was around 17, so about 8 years now.

Don’t be fooled though - this journey has not been easy by any means. I went from eating meat and dairy for the first 17 years of my life, to becoming vegan overnight!

I had always been interested in the idea of vegetarianism since I was young, but I found it difficult to follow through with. I didn’t yet have the self control, or desire, to completely give up meat and dairy. I loved burgers, chicken nuggets, cheese, and eggs. It didn’t help either that vegan products were pretty rubbish 10 years ago.

It wasn’t until I was 17 that I even heard the word ‘vegan’, a stricter form of vegetarianism, from a friend whose sister had started following a vegan diet. Soon, I had fallen down the rabbit hole of watching countless YouTube videos and reading articles about veganism. I was completely intrigued by it.

It was Gary Yourofsky’s ‘Best Speech You Will Ever Hear’ that really struck me. Once the hour-long speech had come to a close, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to continue eating animal products as part of my diet. I suddenly felt an immense amount of guilt and responsibility that had previously never crossed my mind!

Like with any new routine or habit, the first few weeks are the hardest. In this case, the first few months. I constantly craved meat and dairy products. I even dreamt about chicken nuggets! At the beginning, there were a few instances where I’d caved and ate a burger from McDonald’s.These instances, however, were rare and haven’t happened in recent years.

Once I was used to eating a vegan diet, the cravings stopped. Instead I wanted tofu, soya milk, and vegan cheese!

Although the vegan journey is not an easy one, it is incredibly rewarding. Alongside not consuming any animal products, I no longer wear or use them either (that means no leather, wool, or products tested on animals). I take pride in knowing that I am able to live a happy existence that doesn’t involve the exploitation of animals!