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So… I’m no longer vegan

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by Ezra
on 21 Apr, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Ezra’s Journey!

Now… I hope this blog post isn’t going to come off hypocritical. I know that back when I first made this blog I told you all I was vegan and, well, it’s still kind of true. Kind of.

My attitude towards veganism has changed a lot over the past 8 years. I used to be a hardcore activist and super strict with my diet, not eating any food that could have potentially been contaminated by meat, dairy, or eggs. In the last couple of years I did mellow out considerably, still eating food that I bought that I didn’t realise had mayonnaise or eggs in. Meat was, and still is, off limits though.

It was in December that I decided to completely switch out my veganism for vegetarianism. I’ve never had the strongest immune system but it was ridiculous how often I was getting ill. I’m not talking about a small cold, I mean having coronavirus three times in one year and two instances of a bad chest infection. Although it is hard to pinpoint an exact reason why I was getting ill all the time, I knew that it could be a possibility my vegan diet was to blame.

Although I still eat a predominantly vegan diet, I regularly eat eggs now and occasionally cheese. I only buy the free-range, organic eggs and dairy as animal welfare is still extremely important to me. Once I introduced eggs back into my diet, the first thing I noticed was my fingernails were much stronger and I could grow them longer. Clearly I wasn’t getting enough protein before. I also noticed that I was not getting ill anywhere near as much. Last year, I felt like I was permanently ill and always had a cold. Now it is much, much less.

This is not me saying that no one can live a healthy life whilst also being vegan. I’m a firm believer that humans can thrive on a completely vegan diet and be as strong and healthy as those who aren’t. It just takes a lot more dedication to ensuring you’re getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals so your body can function properly. As much as I thought I was eating a balanced diet, I don’t think I was. Which is why I decided to stop being completely vegan.