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Welcome to Georgina’s Path to Peace

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by Georgina
on 15 Sep, 20234 minutes read

It’s been about two months since I started here at DoNotDonut so I thought it was about time I introduce myself to all of you. So, to start off with, here’s a little bit of info about me: My name is Georgina but I also go by Georgie, George, or G; I’m 22 years old, 23 this month; I have one dog and one cat and I’m a chronic overthinker, which brings us to this blog.

Since the age of 10 I have always struggled with mental health issues, and in the 13 years since I’ve tried just about everything to fix it: tablets, exercise and more therapy sessions than you can count. But throughout all of that there was a consistent theme, I wanted something, or someone, else to fix my problems for me. But whether I knew it or not, simultaneously I was doing a lot of work on myself as well.

Reflecting, processing, and healing was a continuous effort and struggle for me. But I always left it until crisis moment. In the recent years, I’ve realised it is finally time to take responsibility for my own mental peace. I can be generous to myself, but also hold myself accountable.

Whilst travelling South-East Asia and Australasia earlier this year, I finally experienced contentment for the first time in a really long time. And not to be a cliché and say ‘I found myself’ but I guess in some way I did. Or I at least came to understand myself a bit better, what I need and what I want from life. Whilst I’m a lazy girl at heart, I need structure and busyness in my day. Not too much, but enough that I don’t end the day feeling awful and disappointed in myself for letting yet another day pass by meaninglessly. I realised that whilst I’m somewhat of an ‘introvert’, when I do have the energy to go out and interact with people, I actually really enjoy it, and to my surprise I even enjoy meeting new people.

Since then, I’ve been on a journey to find my own path to peace, and I’m trying everything. And I mean everything. New hobbies? Check. Learning courses? Check. Exercise? Check. Social clubs? Check. And we’ll be diving into some of these throughout this blog. In no way am I saying that these things are a magic cure to all life’s problems, therapy is an important tool for many to get to a point where they can even start trying some of these things in the first place, and if you need to be on tablets, then definitely stick with them. I am currently still on tablets and have actually just started a taught course in counselling because I understand just how life-changing it can be.

Both these things have been instrumental in getting me to the point I’m at currently, but now I need to take action to keep myself this way. However, I’m not delusional, I know that it’s a fact of life, that there are always going to be up ups and downs in our moods and mental states, and that is definitely true for me. But when something goes wrong in life, a bad mental state and a cauldron of issues bubbling up inside you can mean that downturn can become a breaking point. I want to make sure I’m able to deal with whatever life throws at me but also to just enjoy and savour my good days as much as possible because I know they can’t always last forever.

Obviously, happiness is one of the greatest emotions we experience, but I’d say equally important, and often underrated, is contentment. A sense of peace and stability. This is what I’m looking for. Not just now and again, but consistently. So, this is my path to peace, peace in my life, and peace in myself. But, easier said than done I suppose.