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Why is it so hard to go to the gym?

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by Ezra
on 17 Feb, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Ezra’s Journey!

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I’m a bit forgetful, sorry.

Back in November, I wrote about my journey with veganism and the struggles and rewards that come with the lifestyle. Today, I thought it would be helpful to talk about my journey with the gym as I’m sure many share my struggles with finding the motivation to exercise.

As much as I’ve tried, I’ve never been a person that finds exercising particularly enjoyable. I can’t seem to find the motivation or desire to regularly go to the gym, despite having a membership for months. If I ever have felt inspired to go to the gym, this inspiration has only ever lasted for a few weeks before I inevitably got bored and gave up.

There have only been two times in my life where I’ve managed to regularly go to the gym for an extended period of time. Once was during the summer before I started my final year of university and the second was after I had returned from backpacking Australia.

During both of these times, I could see changes to my body and felt stronger mentally and physically. Logically, I know exercising is good for me for a multitude of reasons but that fact alone isn’t enough to motivate me. I wish more than anything that I found the gym fun!

In the past, I’ve found it much easier to stay focused on my fitness when I don’t have a busy schedule. The last thing I’ve ever wanted to do when getting home from work or university is to go to the gym. The gym has never been a relaxing activity for me, instead it feels like a chore. I know that overcoming this image I have of the gym as boring is the key to ensuring exercise becomes a regular part of my routine.

I didn’t always feel this way about exercising though. Growing up, I enjoyed sports and exercising a lot. I used to be part of a gymnastics club and loved to run, although I’m not a very competitive person at all. As I’ve become older and entered adulthood, the busyness of life seems to have sucked all the joy out of sports for me.

This year, I’m trying to force myself to get back into the habit of going to the gym regularly. In a month and a half, I’ve managed to go two times. That may not seem like a lot, because it isn’t, but at least it’s something. My goal is to go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday and try to manage one morning before work most weeks as well.

I know that this goal is only going to improve my mood, health, and fitness. 2023 will be my year!