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The Curse Returns

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by Harry
on 05 May, 20232 minutes read

In typical fashion, the takeaway curse has returned to my life. This time I successfully went about 6 months cooking from scratch almost every night, but as usual, my consistent inconsistency caught up with me again.

I'm now in a cycle of not planning ahead and having no food in the fridge to cook a good meal when the time comes, leaving me to order takeaway. I'll then forget about doing a proper food shop and be back at square 1 in the next night.

It's a problem I've had at various points in my life. I went through phases in university where I would get dominos at least once a week, alongside a host of others takeaways. The benefit now is that I'm working out while I have a terrible diet, so the repercussions haven't been as severe as they were previously. I'm not drastically gaining fat or feeling sluggish like before, so although I'm being lazy with cooking and meal prep, I'm thankfully keeping consistent in the gym. But more importantly, I can't help wondering how much more progress I would be making if my diet was better.

I tell myself what I'm ordering isn't too bad. I mean it's mostly wraps and burritos, no McDonalds, KFCs or Dominos like my previous takeaway phases. But let's be honest, cooking proper food at home with lots of fresh veg is so much better for you.

The bigger problem is that eating so poorly is bad for your health beyond the number on the scales. Keeping this up long term will worsen my cardio-vascular health in a bunch of different ways, and it's certainly not good for my bank account either.

Now, the cost of my weekly shop being about £70 isn't helping, but I've just got to bite the bullet and start consistently ordering my Tesco deliveries. I mean, 3 takeaways a week is about the same price anyway and I'm easily hitting that number...

So, while I've been writing this, I've decided I'm going to set reminders for the same day every week to make sure I stick to a plan. After all, the only things that do stay consistent in my life, are routine things I've gotten into the habit of doing. So, time to form a new habit I guess.

If there's one thing I am doing right, its staying true to the name of my blog...

See you next month where we'll see if I'm back to the pots and pans, or if the Uber Eats addiction is still going strong.