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Back to it!

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by Tobias
on 10 Apr, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Tobias Talks.

A week off, a week behind? or a week recovered?

I was off work for over a week and in that time I didn't go to the gym once, I did however do a lot of physical work gardening and with DIY type things, as well as a 13 mile hike over the Easter weekend, I used a photo I took on that walk for the image for this article. Overall I feel I have kept active, though my muscles do feel a bit deflated, I feel rested but softer as well.

The next step involves discipline, not motivation. I will go to the gym tomorrow morning at 7am and will push hard to get a satisfactory workout completed!

I've really enjoyed the yoga I have been doing and will be including this in all future workouts. For this reason I will always do my cardio first, so I am warmed up and pliable before stretching, Cold body + Stretching = SNAP!

Ultimately there is no change of plan, I will continue to work out as much as possible as well as eating reasonably healthy. I have planned to minimise drinking as much as possible as it has zero health benefits and about half a dozen negative effects, including the shrinking effect it has on my bank balance!

I will continue the short and sweet style of blogs for now, but next week I will have a lengthier and more detailed recap of the last few months or so.

Thanks for reading!

Your friend, Tobias.