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Bulgaria or bust!

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by Tobias
on 15 Dec, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

As the title of this entry infers, I am going to Bulgaria!

It is my stag do (bachelor party for Americans) in August and I'll be going to Sofia, Bulgaria.

The rough plan at the moment is flying Friday, climbing a mountain Saturday, then drinking Saturday evening through to Sunday.

But the bit that matters right now is the climbing a mountain. It is Mount Vitosha, the peak is called "Cherni Vrah" or "Black Peak" which sits over 2000m above sea level and towers over the capital City of Sofia.

From today I have 250 days until I go, that's 250 opportunities to lose weight, buy new clothes, cut my hair and otherwise smarten up my scruffy appearance.

The photos taken on that weekend will be a permanent reminder of my last hurrah before married life.

Today I weigh 284.6lbs. I've got 35 weeks, at 2lbs a week (Maximum recommended weight loss), that's 70lbs gone by August 2023. for a goal weight of 214lbs which is about my old "fighting weight"

So here goes Day 1 - Gym, tracking calories and macros, putting the work in.

Using, I need 2238 calories a day, with 30% fat, 30% carbs and 40% protein. I've chosen this macro split as it means I will hit my protein target of at least 180g a day, with a goal of 224g daily.

I have gone into more detail about the importance of macros in my "What are Macros?" article.

For the first 12 weeks I will be following this Muscle and Strength Fat Destroyer Fitness plan.

Of course, things never go quite as planned, but the goal is set. The plan is in place. Lets Go!

Your friend, Tobias.