Chicken legs

Chicken Legs

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by Harry
on 01 Jun, 20223 minutes read

First off, let's check in with the weekly goals: I did manage three workouts last week and I stuck to no takeaways too, but I failed to train legs…

Plans have been made for a friend to run me through a beginner's squat session next week, so that’s one step closer at least - I don't want little chicken legs forever.

I’ve also been ill over the past few days and I know how important it is to rest when you need it, so I did miss a few trips to the treadmill but I should be back in the gym tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll still hit three workouts by Sunday.

So far, so good. Just need to get on that squat rack asap.

Fasting and Calorie Deficit

In other news, I started intermittent fasting (IF) and it’s going quite well.

After writing an article all about IF, the 16-8 method stood out to me as the most sustainable and beneficial option. This means I eat between 10am-6pm each day and fast for the other 16 hours.

The first few days were more difficult – adjusting eating times so drastically meant fighting feelings of hunger later in the evening. But after a few days had passed, my body got used to the new schedule and it just feels normal now.

I thought I would really struggle with the early dinners, but I’m being surprisingly strict with myself and ignoring all the temptations to snack. I just know that consistency is key with intermittent fasting. That’s the way to get results.

Alongside fasting, I’m also using a small calorie deficit to help lose some weight – which at 89.5kg, is around 2300kcal a day. I’m logging my meals and workouts in MyFitnessPal to keep an eye on things (and scrounging off their first month free trial for the pro version).

If you’re like me and consistency in your diet is an issue, MyFitnessPal really helps keep you on track – would highly recommend.

I don’t have a goal weight, but the deficit is set up to lose 0.5kg a week, so nothing extreme, but I’ve lost 0.8kg over 10 days of fasting with the deficit, so all going well so far. I just need to keep my protein intake up and hit the gym regularly to make sure the weight I’m losing is fat not muscle.

Hopefully after a couple months of IF, calorie deficits, no takeaways, and good workouts too, I’ll be much happier with my physical fitness and health, which should definitely help my mental health as well.

Much to my surprise, I’m sticking to all but one of my goals – training legs - but that is probably the least important to me. Fingers crossed I do hit the squat rack next week though, I don't want to be stupidly top-heavy after 6 months in the gym.

Here's to another fortnight without Dominos. Wish me luck...