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Cover the Earth, before it covers you.

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by Tobias
on 27 Oct, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

I don't care what people say, summer is the worst time of year. The heat is oppressive and makes any activity much more unpleasant, the only benefit I can think of is that you sweat during weight lifting so it feels like cardio. So I'm really happy as we are moving into the cooler part of the year.

My favourite exercise has got to be walking/hiking and this is so much more enjoyable in the autumn, winter and spring. As long as it's dry, the colder the better. I think I must be part husky.

This Autumn I will use what I have learnt from every other failed attempt and mix long hikes with intense weight lifting and high protein and fat diets.

True ketogenesis is very hard to achieve (If you don't know what ketogenesis is please check out our article all about it) even eating zero carbs your body may not enter a true state of ketosis for several weeks. So, I will not be doing a "keto diet" i'll instead be striving for a low carb diet. I will keep my protein intake high to maintain as much muscle mass as possible whilst losing weight, some muscle loss is inevitable but I'll do what I can to mitigate this.

Long hikes are the single best fat burning exercise if you have the free time to actually do them. minute for minute I'm sure an intense interval workout would burn more calories, but I don't know about you, I can't manage a HIIT circuit for 8 hours straight, so I'd be limited to the 400 calories I would burn in a 30 minute class. Long hikes however would burn 500 calories an hour, for 8 straight hours, with much reduced DOMs and soreness the next day. That's 4000 calories burned in a day! That's twice the recommended daily intake for a woman! All whilst building heart health and the cardiovascular system and seeing a wonderful and new part of the world.

Mix the above two with intense weight lifting every other day to maintain strength and potentially build muscle, depending on what and when I eat. A good mix of carbs and protein, before and after the workout will help this. These high protein rice krispies would be perfect before, and a good whey protein would be great after, something high quality like ON Nutrition Whey Protein.

With the above steps, I believe ANYONE can lose fat, build muscle and improve their fitness. Even me.

Thanks for reading, Tobias.