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Dry like an ocean

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by Tobias
on 08 Sep, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

Ok, first things first, I have failed dry september, almost immediately in fact, and thoroughly. I have had a drink pretty much every other day since the 1st day of September.

In truth, this seemed like a foolish goal as I have several weekends away this month and as a british person pretty much any trip away involves a pub and beer/wine. I don't make the rules, It's just in our genetic code.

The next step is a simple one, continue to track the calorie and macro content of everything I eat, I will be reducing my calories and going to the gym less frequently as I continuously find myself in the cycle of increased appetite due to increase in gym, then as soon as I drop a few days at the gym my weight balloons as my hunger doesn't adjust immediately.

So new plan! Much more walking.Walking is an incredible exercise that can improve your cardiovascular system and burn hundreds of calories, it won't burn calories as quickly as jogging but the average person can walk much further than they can run so overall walking could burn more calories than running, as long as you have the spare time to get it done. It won't cause rapid changes in your blood pressure and blood sugar like resistance training can, and for longevity it could be the most beneficial exercise there is!

Wish me luck! I will do my best to stay on track and watch the numbers on the scale drop.

Your friend, Tobias