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Dry September

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by Tobias
on 01 Sep, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

Beer is the enemy.

I have never believed something so much. Whilst very enjoyable, beer with its mixture of simple carbs and alcohol is potentially the single worst thing you can consume when trying to lose weight. A pint of beer contains approximately 200 calories, depending on which source you believe, the NHS website suggests its 230 calories, the online beer selling site "Beer Hawk" says its 180 calories, but obviously both of these sites have ulterior motives, so my guess is it's somewhere in the middle.

Alcohol doesn't get used up in the same way as other macronutrients within the body. Carbs are used for immediate energy, Protein is used to rebuild and repair the body, Fats are either used as energy or stored away for a rainy day. Alcohol is used straight away in a burst of energy and calories whether you want it or not. As it is essentially a poison your body makes all efforts to get rid of it as quickly as possible, prioritising it above almost anything else. So anything you eat whilst you are drinking is put on the back burner and isn't immediately used for energy as it should be.

The reason for the above rant about alcohol is a simple one, I have walked a marathon distance over the weekend, bringing my monthly total to over a hundred miles. Because I have had a few beery nights then this has made absolutely no difference to my waistline, in fact, I've put on weight.

Suffice to say, I have failed my August challenge and so I am using what I have learned to set a new challenge for September, I currently weigh 278 lbs, for september I will lose at least 18lbs and I will do so without a single drop of alcohol passing my lips. The fight is on and I'm going to win. Adipose tissue be damned.

Please check back in with me next week when I'll have clearer skin, clearer thoughts and almost definitely a smaller waist.

Your friend, Tobias.