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Easy like a monday morning

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by Tobias
on 06 Feb, 20233 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

This is the first of the new Monday blog. I found Thursday a difficulty day to write a blog for the week on as it was essentially in the middle of the week. It was something I had never thought about before, I had always assumed Wednesday was the middle of the week, and for the working week it is. But when you include the weekend, which I will have to do to reach my goals. Thursday becomes the middle of the week. I assume this is obvious to some people reading this but for me it was a bit mind blowing and may explain, at least in part, my difficulty with weight loss. The weekends count too...

So for this Month, I have a new plan. I will eat 1800 calories a day to try and cut weight, the 2200-2400 I was hitting before wasn't having the desired effect. This hopefully will lead to a good weight loss, I'm aiming for 2-3lbs of weight loss a week. This is more than some people should lose but as someone that's very overweight it should be fine and healthy for me. To maintain as much muscle as possible I will be increasing my protein intake to crazy levels. I have adjusted my tracking goals on MyFitnessPal to 200g of Protein a day, this means 45% of my total calorie intake will be from protein. I will aim for 30% to come from Fat to maintain good hormonal health, with the remaining 25% of calories coming from carbohydrates. I will need to monitor my energy levels as there is a chance that this low level of carbs could negatively impact them.

I will follow this new plan religiously during the week which should help counteract the leeway I give myself at the weekends. I know a more obvious solution would be to track at 2200 calories every day, including the weekends. But I am trying to make this a sustainable change so I have to make this plan something that fits me perfectly, and sometimes I am doing things at weekends that don't allow me to monitor exactly what I eat and drink.

This morning was also the first time I have exercised before work, as opposed to after. It was a little difficult to wake up earlier but I had a good workout so I will continue these morning workouts for the foreseeable future. I hit a new record of 261 calories burned on the cross trainer in 20 minutes. This morning was also a chest day, and I feel i'm starting to hit my first plateau at bench pressing at 90kg. I will keep it around this weight for a while and let other areas of my body catch up and also give my body time to adjust to this weight before pushing on further.

Overall, I feel very optimistic about this change and ready to hit this week hard!

Thanks for reading, your friend Tobias.