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Finding the path

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by Tobias
on 07 Jul, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

And it’s good news! I stepped on the scales this morning and I’m 2lb lighter than I was at this time last week.

As we all know, weight isn’t the be all and end of all of fitness but as anyone that has been reading my blog will tell you, when you weigh 280lb there is very little you can do for yourself that will improve your health other than simply weighing less.

Unless you are a smoker, or heavy drinker the best way for an obese person to get fitter is to not be obese. Seems sensible when you put it that way, right? Yet so many people struggle to understand this and people that are trying to lose weight are often hit with terms like body shaming or fatphobic.

No one should be made to feel they have to lose weight, but honestly, as someone that’s been overweight most of his adult life. I know. I know I’m overweight. You aren’t breaking some terrible news to me that I haven’t been aware of until now. Which is also the case for 99.9% of other overweight people too. And, like me, I’m sure they are already working on it.

There are some people that say they are happy at their weight. I envy them to be honest. Those that are truly happy with being a bit heavy. But, I think the majority of those people are lying and refusing to deal with the situation. I may be wrong, just my opinion. Losing weight is hard, especially for those that have grown up around other overweight people and simply do not know how to go from where they are to where they want to be.

That’s where we come in.

The entire reason that Do Not Donut was created was to help those people. Those people that can’t afford a personal trainer or a personal nutritionist. So for as long as we can, we will strive to provide fact-checked and science backed articles, as well as opinion pieces, on the various elements of living a happy and healthy life.

On that note, I must end this blog, I have my next article beckoning. As always please do get in touch with any questions, or ideas you may have for us. We would love to hear them all.

Your friend, Tobias.