Learning Curves

3 minutes read  

by Harry
on 09 Nov, 20223 minutes read

For a long time, I was working out to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, which meant my diet was very strict, very repetitive and altogether boring.

But recently, I decided that 'cheat days' shouldn't be 'cheat days', where I go all out and eat the worst possible thing I can on purpose, because it's the only time I'll allow myself to be unhealthy.

Instead, I've decided to live my dieting life by the saying: "everything in moderation".

First off, I previously saw the gym as a 'quick fix' to being unhappy with my overall health. I used to be very strict with my diet and obsessive about my workout routine, which only led me down a short road that lasted a few months before I burnt out and got bored. This time round, I've become very aware that my gym-related goals (of my ideal physique and fitness levels) are miles away. I now know that this is going to be a very long journey, that will quire dedication across the next few years of my life. What good is it if I spent those years eating plain chicken and rice and stressing about how much terryaki sauce to use to make it actually edible. Sure, I'm enjoying the results of these boring meals, but I don't want to spend the next 3 years of my life, hating 75% of what I eat.

So, I'm now allowing myself to be more flexible with my diet and the effects on my workout routine and my physique, are negligible - because I'm eating everything in moderation (except protein of course).

At the moment, I'm allowing myself to have a couple of takeaways a week, or some chocolate or crisps here and there, and I feel a lot better about it. I'm no longer holding myself hostage for a healthy diet. Instead, I'm letting myself be less vigilant about saturated fats, sugars and carbs, because a Dominos here or there won't have any effect on my long-term goals.

At the same time, I know myself. And my love for food, especially unhealthy food, can be a slippery slope to breaking the pattern of healthy eating. So, we'll see how things go, but I'm feeling more determined than ever, and I hold a much better mindset towards hitting my health and fitness goals.

I'm much happier having a Subway here and there, and not hating myself once I've finished eating. I know I'll be hitting the gym at 6am the next morning so it's all okay in moderation if I stick to my routine.

There's room for give and take. But if I want to reach the goals I have in mind, I'll be in and out of the dumbbell section for the next 3 years anyway, so why not enjoy what I eat in the meantime....

As always, consistency is key. (But not when you take it too far and start throwing up at the sight of chicken and rice)