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Let's win, together

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by Tobias
on 11 Aug, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

It's been a great week!

Over the weekend it was my brothers birthday celebration, we went into Cambridge to have a walk about, visit a museum and have something to eat. My efforts to lose weight and get fitter seem to have rubbed off on my girlfriend. She has blown the dust off her smartwatch and is tracking her steps and is being careful with her food choices. I come from a fairly outdoorsy family so long walks have never been an issue for us. We walk 10 miles without much thought. But for my girlfriend this is the furthest she has walked in a long time, in the summer heat, without anything to eat until the afternoon. What i'm trying to say is that I'm really proud of her, and that you aren't always aware of who you may be inspiring. So keep up the effort, for you, but also for them.

I have been in the gym twice this week already with a third visit planned tomorrow. I have lost weight over the weekend, but I weighed myself Monday and my weight hasn't changed since then. My guess is there was some muscle gain which has offset any fat losses, but I'm certainly not complaining. My goal is still 210 lbs but the goal isn't really the goal. I could starve myself and move very little and my body would waste away in no time, but that's the opposite of what I want. I want muscle, if the gods allow I'll hit 210 lbs at the same time as I hit 10% body fat, but I think that would probably cause certain performance enhancing-y accusations.

Once I hit my goal of 210 lbs I will probably still be a bit "fluffy". Then I will take some more detailed measurements, including body fat percentage and work out a more specific goal for the future. Say, 195lbs and 12% bf, or whichever comes first.

But right now, I'm 275.6 lbs, I have 65.6 lbs to lose before I have to worry about any of that. The goal is still >270 lbs by September 1st.

Good luck with your week!

Your friend, Tobias.