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by Tobias
on 01 May, 20233 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Tobias Talks.

It's another mixed week for me, with an early injury, a good amount of walking and truly varied diet it all came to naught. My weight stayed the same. But mentally I felt much happier and healthier, which feels like a victory, read on to find out all about what I did this week.

Last Monday I injured my back whilst squatting, I was going through the movements slowly and carefully but perhaps with too much weight. You are only as strong as your weakest link and squatting found that link. It was a twinge at worst so I wasn't concerned but knew I had to rest it otherwise it would only get worse. So I rested on Tuesday, and it still wasn't better. Wednesday it was still tight. Thursday came and went the same. By Friday it felt almost back to normal though slightly tender. I woke up Saturday feeling good so I got dressed in my hiking gear and walked out my front door.

I walked my commute to work, a distance by car of 9 miles but after much meandering and exploring the route I walked just over 12 miles, a distance I covered in 5 hours with a break as I ate a simple lunch sat against an Oak tree. It was a blissful day. I was wearing my new barefoot shoes, so I was only dawdling as I know there is an increased risk of injury if you over-do it when transitioning to minimalist footwear. So with the Lord of the Rings audiobook as company, I went for a wander. Before I knew it I had found myself at my local watering hole near work then had a single pint of beer before taking public transport for the return journey. There are plans already in the works to redo this journey and walk the return leg as well, but it will take time to get my feet ready for the ordeal.

Last night I had my first takeaway in a long time, it was a very disappointing chinese. Beef, ginger and onion and egg-fried rice. The beef was soggy, as if boiled. the veg was limp, and the egg fried rice crumbled apart into a couscous like mass, as though days old. All the flavours were an intensely unpleasant mixture of blandness and sulphurous nausea. In an odd way it was actually the best possible outcome as I have ZERO desire to get another takeaway any time soon. I paid £50 for a lesson learned and a new goal. To create the best beef based stir-fry and a top quality egg fried rice. I'm looking forward to the task, with the right ratios of veg to meat and rice to egg it could actually be a healthy meal, I could cook regularly. I'm 32 now and at a certain age if you can't cook a good selection of meals to a high quality you are failing at life.

That about sums up my week, thanks for reading.

Your friend, Tobias.