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New year opportunities

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by Tobias
on 05 Jan, 2023less than 1 minute read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

2023 is here! 2022 is no more!

The beginning of january is a time of new goals and new plans of action to achieve them.

If you are setting New Years resolutions and are looking for help and advice then please check out our article all about it! Simple tips and hints on making this years goals stick, check it out here.

my goal is still the same and I will be achieving it, we all know about SMART goals, or you will if you read our guide, and I will be setting a smart goal for myself, the goal is to lose weight. specifically I will lose 60lbs by the 25th of August. That is the date of my stag do and I want to look as good as possible for the trip. This weight loss would still put in the "overweight" section of a BMI test but it's a sensible, measurable and attainable goal within the timeframe.

Todays weight - 283.8lb

goal weight on 25/08 - 223lb

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading, your friend, Tobias.