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Living my best cottagecore life

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by Tobias
on 01 Dec, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

It has been a fairly uneventful week for me.

I spent the weekend making cheese and fishing, not exactly thrilling but satisfying in a very different way.

Being in nature whilst fishing is just so calming, there is something about bodies of water that seem to make changes in the weather so noticeable. Over just a few hours I had weather ranging from clear blue skies, to grey clouds and gale force winds and heavy rain. I managed to pull out a few Rudd so I was happy with the day.

As close as I got to exercise this weekend was using my kettlebell to press my cheese. It worked perfectly, once it was balanced correctly.

As with all good things, I will have to be patient and wait for my cheese to mature, I have made two cheese, one is a Cheddar and the other is Gouda (pronounced with a guttural "H" sound if you are feeling pretentious).

I still need to get back in the gym but every time I think about it all I can imagine is being weak and barely lifting any weight as well as being tired and out of breath during cardio, not to mention the pain of DOMS and the risk of injury. Still, I know it's probably the best thing for me so will likely get back in the gym soon.

I miss the energy and focus I had from going to the gym regularly, without it my body aches and feels heavy and stiff.

Inaction feeds on itself, an object at rest will stay rest without an outside force acting upon it.

But I am not an object, I'm a human being, so I must act.

Your friend, Tobias