Shanks pony

Riding on shanks's pony

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by Tobias
on 28 Jul, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

I’ve gone for a walk every evening this week and they’ve all been enjoyable but completely different.

Monday evening was a ruck march with 16kg in my bag. I walked 10.7km in 1:42, so a speed of 6.2kmh (3.9mph) Not a blistering pace but I did what I could. I managed to burn 1235 calories according to my Garmin watch.

Tuesday evening was a recovery walk, calm and folky music as I strolled around the local country park. Then I spied a Muntjac and decided to stalk it as it walked along the boundary of a farmer's field. It was a still night, no wind, so I managed to get very close. Of course, once it saw me it bolted.

Wednesday evening was a walk with my girlfriend around the same country park. But we strolled slowly and planned our 6 year anniversary holiday.

Tonight I may go for a walk, or I may not. But I have really enjoyed the last few days and I am feeling healthy, happy and positive. Given all the articles I have read and been involved with writing, I am not surprised. Walking and exercising in the sun as you stroll through nature is almost scientifically guaranteed to make you feel good.

Goal wise I am now under 280 lbs and I plan on keeping it that way. My next short term goal is to weigh less than 270 lbs by the 1st of September. I am giving myself all of August to get this done. It’s definitely possible, but can I do it? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Your friend, Tobias.