Pen Y Fan 25 02 23 Cropped

Surprise summit

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by Tobias
on 27 Feb, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Tobias Talks

This weekend I went away to the Brecon Beacons. It was a last minute break I organised on Wednesday. I reached the summit of Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Corn Du. I took the photo above, it's a photo of Cribyn, taken from Pen y Fan. I was hiking for 4 hours and burned approximately 3,000 calories, according to AllTrails. I stayed at a wonderful guesthouse then drove home the next day. A successful weekend.

I weighed in this morning at 284 lbs. This means that over the weekend I put on 4lbs. I put on 4lbs WHILST CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN!

I didn't track my food intake over the weekend but I didn't eat particularly excessively. I did however, drink 5 or 6 pints of beer when I was watching England and Wales' close game in the 6 Nations. COME ON ENGLAND!

This week I went to the gym 4 times, Tuesday-Friday. I missed Monday as I mentioned in my previous Blog. Every day I went to the gym, I completed 20 mins of cardio and burned at least 200 calories every day, before a weight lifting session. I enjoyed it and managed to creep below 280lbs for the first time so I have a new pair of earphones to show for it, but from now, I am more determined than ever to get fitter, stronger and lighter.

The CICO gods are not merciful, I have strayed from their light for too long and have paid the penalty. The only solution is to get back on track with a considered and measured approach and hopefully in a week or two I will be back below 280lbs.

Discipline will set you free, so sayeth the lord thy Jocko

As always thank you for reading, I hope to see you again soon.

Your friend, Tobias.