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The Domino Effect

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by Harry
on 15 Jun, 20222 minutes read

So, the withdrawal symptoms kicked in and I finally caved… I ordered my first pizza since swearing off Dominos entirely.

Now, I was good and only got a small with plenty of veggie toppings, but I’m sure it still would have taken me well over my 2400 daily calorie recommendation… Although, now knowing how bad it is for me, half the enjoyment seemed to disappear. It felt like I was cheating all the effort I’ve been putting into the gym and counteracting how healthy I’d been in the kitchen too, so I highly doubt this will have a domino effect (terrible pun very much intended) on my diet, leading me back to my daily-Deliveroo ways.

On the upside, this was my first takeaway in June, so I’ve still got two left in my monthly allowance, but I’ll probably go for something much more healthy and much less calorific next time.

In other news - I’m finally gaining consistency in the gym.

Last Monday I committed to waking up early and heading to the gym before work. To my surprise, I fought off the desire to snooze the alarm and got up at 6:30 to head to the gym.

Luckily this did have a domino effect and I somehow managed 5 days in a row. I’m so thankful that I stuck to my goal as I’ve now created a routine and most importantly, a sleeping pattern that naturally wakes me up around 6:30 each morning. So, this week I’ve been just as consistent and I’m on track for another 5-workout week. Let’s see how long I can keep this up!

I should note that 5 consecutive days is a lot and I do know the importance of rest days, so I focused on isolated exercises to make sure I didn’t overwork muscle groups and took the whole weekend off to recover.

All this consistency is starting to pay off on the scales too - I’m almost 2kg down from my starting weight three weeks ago. Fingers crossed I can stay on track and reach my goal of 84kg (though this is much more about how I feel than all the numbers).

That's it for this update! Next week I’ll be running through my favourite recipe at the moment to mix things up a little, so stay tuned for that...