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They can't all be good weeks

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by Tobias
on 13 Feb, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

For lots of various personal reasons last week was a hard week, with work commitments, fiancee commitments and DIY commitments it was all a bit too much to take on.

The week started strongly with regular gym sessions, though my diet was lacking. Too many self-made excuses and too many unhealthy snacks and meals. I drank alcohol on 3 separate occasions this week, though not to excess, and my body feels all the worse for it. I made it to the gym 3 times this week but after my work trip I didn't go back into the gym. So a real mixed week, started strongly, but poor choices in diet and leisure time made any results negligible this week.

Whilst at the gym this morning I came across a possible solution. Whilst exercising, and at other times during the day, my internal monologue often gives me little alternatives and convincing reasons why this will be ok. "You will eat a small meal for dinner so you can have these sweets and fit it into your meal plan", "you've worked hard so far, lets just aim to burn 200 calories instead of doing the full 20 minutes". As I say, all of these are very convincing and often seem like a good idea. But these are just my mind being weak and offering an easier option, this is what I'm coining an "out". All week I'll be focussing on these "outs". What time of day they turn up? What am I doing at the time? What is the easier option? Hopefully as I notice and ignore more and more of these "outs" they will be arise less and less frequently. The goal this week is to stick to the plan I have set, regardless of what these easier options have set. This will involve self-confidence and trusting myself. I know I have done the research and I'm confident I will see the results if I stick with the plan.

As a quick addition to the above, I am also focussing on "reframing" how I look at certain tasks, i.e. Instead of thinking "I have to clean the kitchen." I will try and reframe it as "I enjoy having a clean kitchen in my home". As many before me have said, the battle with health and fitness happens in the mind. If I can keep a positive but disciplined mindset then I know I can overcome these difficulties.

P.S. I have noticed a few more followers on MyFitnessPal and I'm glad to have you with me! If there is anything you would like to discuss with regards to weight loss, muscle gains, cardio, mental health or really anything at all, please reach out, I would love to hear from you.

Your friend, Tobias.