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Time to shrink

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by Tobias
on 24 Apr, 20232 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Tobias Talks.

For months, my goal has been to lose weight and build muscle, something that has been very difficult to balance. There have been some successes and some failures. I have tried to learn lessons where I could but I think the next step is one I've been dreading. I think it's time to become small.

I have started to realise that I really enjoy the security that comes with being 6'2" and 280lbs, most people will think twice before becoming aggressive in a day-to-day altercation like road rage or a drunken row. Now I am well aware that losing weight will not make me shorter, I'll still be a larger than average person regardless of what I weigh, but it doesn't feel like that. Until recently I didn't realise this was a fear I had, but now I have become aware of this feeling I can move forward with addressing it.

So the next step is to follow a realistic but strong weight loss program. The goal is to keep protein content high, approx 40% of my calories coming from protein, I will go to the gym every weekday before work and do a mixture of cardio and resistance training and I will also do something active on one of the days of the weekend. The final and most important part of this plan is that I will restrict calorie intake to 1900 calories a day.

I have spent too long trying to do a soft version of this when really in the short term I just want to lose some weight. Once I hit my initial weight loss goal of 50lbs then I will reassess the situation. See you on the other side.

Your friend, Tobias.