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Knee-d some rest

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by Tobias
on 16 Jun, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

And I’m off! Again. After a few days of rest and recovery my knee was starting to loosen up and the pain was subsiding.

I had also learnt about the miracle that is Nuramol (as always seek medical advice before taking medication), it was brilliant for pain management as I healed, but always remember, just because your body stops hurting doesn’t mean it isn’t still healing so try to keep it in mind that you are still injured even though it doesn’t feel like it.

I’ve spent the last 3 days decorating the master bedroom which means lots of sanding, painting, putting down laminate flooring and building flat pack furniture. I am only mentioning this to discuss the secondary benefits of all this DIY, an increase in overall activity. I was lifting and sweating and moving for 8-10 hours a day for three days straight. Compared to my normally sedentary working day this has caused innumerable benefits.

In fact, I have found a really interesting article from the American Heart Association about 7 simple ways to increase your activity levels. These small changes can really add up into a noticeable calorie deficit, and as we all know (say it with me) burning more calories than you take in leads to weight loss.

Yes, I have aches and pains from this increase in activity, but overall I feel much, much better. Whether this is from endorphins and serotonin or a genuine improvement in physical health, I can’t say. My mental health feels much better as well.

With this increase in activity, I have also started to lower my weight again. I am back to 278lbs, which is quite a lot more than I want to weigh but for now, I’ll take it! My goal is still to lose 2lbs a week, which is widely considered the perfect amount of weight loss.

Next week I will be rejoining the gym, building muscle is the only way to increase the amount of calories your body burns whilst at rest. More muscle = more calories used. More calories used = more weight loss. I expect over the next few weeks for my weight to move more sporadically as I gain muscle and lose fat at different times, my weight could plateau or even go up, as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.

Thank you as always for reading, if you have any questions at all, or even tips for me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on any of our social media.

Your friend, Tobias