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Trying it all

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by Tobias
on 13 Oct, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks.

It's been a very busy week for me. The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting cooler, so it feels like a rush to enjoy as much of 2022 as I can. Because very soon it will be 2023.

I have been swimming in the morning, fishing and reading in the evening and walking at weekends. I've never felt better, funny that!

It's amazing how good you feel by just turning your phone off, eating whole foods, and drinking more water, I've not had a beer all week and that suits me just fine.

The number on the scale hasn't budged, my guess for the reason why would be portion control. It's a learning curve. Honestly, if I maintain this weight and continue to feel this good then I'll take my lot in life and merely resign myself to an XL suit at my upcoming wedding, but I assure you that my smile will be XL too!

I know my weight isn't healthy right now, but I believe that as long as I continue to be active and move as much as I have then my health will improve in some way or another.

I'm attempting more trout fishing on Saturday. The plan being to smoke the unlucky fellows in a large smoker I have set up. It would be a shame to have another weekend where it went without use. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading, it's always a pleasure, Tobias.