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Turning tides

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by Tobias
on 26 Jan, 20233 minutes read

Hello and welcome to Tobias Talks

My favourite day of the week, blog and weigh-in day! Let's get it out of the way then. This morning I weighed 282.6lbs, that is a reduction of .6lbs from last week. Not exactly the 2lbs I was hoping for, but as discussed last week. I am hoping there is some "Body Recomposition" going on, which is essentially trading fat for muscle and therefore keeping my weight about the same. A girl can dream.

The goal for this week is still the same. I have a workout tonight and tomorrow planned in. It's still a case of a 4 day split with a bit of cardio. The split this week is Back, Chest, Shoulders and Legs. I won't have a dedicated arm day but they will be used in some way on every other day. The goal is still 20 minutes on the cross trainer before or after the workout, but my energy levels have been all over the place lately, some days 20 minutes feels fun and easy on others I have to slog it out just to last 10!

As part of The body recomposition theory, I will now be tracking my body fat percentage, which today sits at 35.7%. Like my body weight, this is much higher than it should be but I'm not going to get sad or angry about it as I'm trying to improve it and that's all I can do. Hopefully on the weeks where my overall body weight doesn't decrease, my body fat percentage will. There is some discussion about the accuracy of the electrical impedance as a measurement for body fat. The consensus seems to be that although it isn't always accurate, it is consistent. This means that although I may not be 35.7% body fat, I could be 36% or 34%. If the measurement goes from 35.7% to 34.7% I can be confident that I have actually lost 1% body fat. Essentially, the scale may be wrong but it's always wrong by the same amount.

Weight lifting wise I am happy with my progress, my big lifts (Bench, Deadlift, Squats, OHP) are consistently going up. Which hopefully helps my theory about muscle gain countering my fat loss. Only time will tell.

This weekend I'll be travelling to Oxford, UK for a weekend break. Luckily for me this will involve a massive amount of walking, which can only be good thing for health and weight loss!

As always, thanks for reading. Your friend, Tobias.

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