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Welcome to Tobias Talks

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by Tobias
on 19 May, 20222 minutes read

Hi, and welcome to the first “Tobias Talks”.

In the coming weeks and months we are going to be covering some fairly heady subjects, health issues, muscle growth, weight loss, weight gain, ultimately everything around mental and physical wellbeing.

But before all that, I thought I would just introduce myself first. I feel like I am an average person, as I’m sure you do, but perhaps I’m not. I’m regular in the regular ways, I’m 31, male, live in a semi-detached home with my partner and I hate Piers Morgan. These are all fairly common attributes.

The parts of me that are a bit irregular is that I’m an ex-serviceman having served in the Royal Air Force straight out of school. I’m 6’ 2”, or 188cm in european, and currently I weigh 20 stone, 280lbs or 127kg. This, as I’m sure you have worked out, means that I’m what a scientist would refer to as fat. I have not always been fat, but I have always struggled with eating and exercise. I won’t go into too much detail just yet as this is still our first date.

The goal I have for this blog is to create a safe space to talk about ideas, victories and the struggles along the way. Whether you are young, old, male, female or otherwise self identifying then this is a place that you are welcome.

We will struggle, we will fail, we will cry, and laugh and run and crawl but we will NEVER GIVE UP.

On that note, I’d like to recommend a few rules for this blog;

  1. Do not insult each other, we are different but all equally valid.

  2. Do not boast of your victories without appreciating the struggles you have overcome as well.

  3. Do not use “tough love” with strangers online, there’s no subtlety to typed text and I guarantee no one will get what you are trying to do, people will dislike it and will make it more likely that they break Rule 1, see above.

Today, and for the week, I will be attempting to lose 2 lb's, I will do this by tracking what I eat and increasing the amount of walking I am doing. These are vague goals, but perhaps this will help in my journey for the week.

I will check back in with you all in a week, until then.

Your friend, Tobias