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What's the secret?

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by Tobias
on 22 Sep, 20222 minutes read

Hello and welcome back to Tobias Talks

It's Thursday again and it's time for another installment, I wish I had some positive news but as the nights draw in and the weather gets cooler, my stupid self decided it would be wise to spend all day in a boat and then sleep in a hammock in the woods, it was an incredible experience but unfortunately has led to me getting a cold. The only positive from this is I have a new found love for Tea and the british part of me has never been more proud.

The diet has been fairly balanced considering how unwell i've felt, the old me would have ordered a takeaway every day but at least every meal I have eaten has been home made in one way or another.

I realise I haven't submitted my weight for a few weeks, that is mainly due to an extra large portion of embarrassment with just a sprinkling of self loathing, the highest weight I have seen on the scale over the last few weeks is 286lb's. this is just shy of my heaviest ever weight but still not great. This morning I have weighed myself at 279 lb's, I swear to god my weight fluctuates more than a PMS'ing Bridget Jones.

The goal is still the same and I haven't given up yet, it could be worse, at least my neck works....

Your friend, Tobias