It aint easy being wheezy 2

It ain't easy being wheezy

2 minutes read  

by Freya
on 07 Oct, 20222 minutes read

Hi Guys,

I completely forgot that I needed to write my blog today so I haven’t exactly prepared anything.

But, I did hurt my shoulder at the gym today. It was shoulders and triceps day so I worked those puppies hard and decided to do an ab workout after… bad idea! I was doing side planks so putting a lot of pressure on my shoulder which it didn't like at all! I’m hoping the pain will fade by tomorrow or just hope that maybe it's DOMS rather than a muscle strain.

As for my back pain, that is definitely getting better, it only hurts around once a week and occasionally in the morning for an hour or two. I have therapy again on Wednesday so hopefully, they can sign me off and give me some more exercises to do.

I am going to try my hardest to start doing more cardio as I get out of breath so easily and after a 5 min run the other morning, I was wheezy and coughing the rest of the day, which definitely isn't normal. So I aim to get my cardiovascular endurance a bit better, I may set myself a time frame soon so that I feel more motivated to do it, but for now, I will try to add in some runs at the end of some upper body sessions.

Oh, and my gym got a new leg press which was exciting until I tried it. It turns out, I am too small for it and that makes it extra scary, so I’ll stick to the other leg press machine and squats!

If you’re interested, I haven’t been counting my calories since the end of July, which I am pretty proud of as at times it gets a bit unhealthy and I take it too far and upset myself when I go over the number of calories I should, but we are only human and we shouldn’t let this affect us as it won't affect your journey as much as you think it might.

Anyway, it's winter soon, so that means bulking season!

I will make sure I have more prepared for you next time.

Bye bye!!!