No pain no gain 1

No pain, no gain

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by Freya
on 23 Sep, 20222 minutes read

Hey Off the Scalers!

Things are a bit more positive this week :)

Although I feel like I kept repeating myself every two weeks and nothing too interesting has happened, so I’m sorry if my blog is starting to get a bit boring.

Writing this blog does help me stay motivated as I know I’ll need to be writing about my fitness journey for you guys!

My back pain is getting a lot better, I am not complaining about it every day now, more like every 3 days… But, that's still a good sign, hopefully, I am building my strength back and will be rid of the pain for foreseeable future very soon.

Yes, I complain about back pain a lot, but there are some pains I enjoy like the leg day DOMS I am feeling right now - no pain, no gain of course!

I probably had one of the best leg day sessions ever the other day and targeted all leg muscle groups (maybe not my calves so much but they have to carry my body all day long anyway).

I thought I would share this with you, as the pump was impressive!

  1. Back squat - light to heavy

  • Warm up with barbell - 12 reps

  • Light weight - 10 reps

  • Moderate weight - 8 reps

  • Heavy weight - 5 reps

  1. Deficit reverse lunge

  • 4x12 (I did 6 reps on each side with a heavy weight)

  1. Superset (4 sets)

  • RDL - 15 reps

  • DB Squat - 15 reps

  1. Superset (4 sets)

  • Leg extensions - 6-8 reps (as heavy as you can and your last set till failure)

  • Walking lunges - 30 reps

I also made an amazing buffalo Mac and cheese the same day, is that a win? I think so!

If you want to recipe check out @_kikifit_ reel here, she has so many delicious recipes you should try, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

I’ll share another workout and recipe with you guys in two weeks, maybe I’ll make it a regular thing!

Bye for now :)