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Off the blog!

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by Freya
on 21 Oct, 20222 minutes read

Hey Off the scalers!

Unfortunately, it is time for me to say goodbye…

My time at DoNotDonut has come to an end as I have accepted a job in the big city and will eventually be moving to Bristol.

My blog ends on a positive note, as I hit a few personal best this week so I would like to share them with you.

During my leg session this week I hit 3 PB’s, I managed to squat 52.5kg, 79kg on the leg extension, and 64kg on the leg press!

The squat PB is my personal favoruite as it means I can almost squat myself, and I find that exciting!

During my shoulders and tricep workout, I managed to Dumbell shoulder press 12.5kg on both sides which honestly surprised me as I found it difficult to even lift them into position at first.

Hitting these PB’s has made the gym more exciting and made me want to hit more, so I have decided to set myself a goal to be able to squat 60kg by the end of the year, which isn't far but it is realistic.

I think upping my calories has definitely helped, I haven’t been tracking but I have been eating more so there's no doubt I am in surplus, which is making it easier to get my protein in as well. I have been noticing myself gaining more muscle and feeling stronger, and it feels fab!

I hope that, if there are any readers, I have been able to help you on your journey and help motivate you to set goals that are nothing to do with the scales.

Now for the final goodbye, good luck guys!

Peace out :)