Get off

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by Freya
on 20 May, 20222 minutes read

Hi, I’m Freya and welcome to my first blog!

Starting your fitness journey and getting motivated can be such a challenge, especially when you’re stuck in the loop of feeling bad about yourself and then bingeing your sorrows away, trust me I have been there countless times.

But, I promise, you can turn yourself around and I am here to help!

If you want to know a little bit about me, I live in a flat with my boyfriend and our partially blind cat, Peep, so currently, my life is eat, peep, lift, repeat.

Now, what you really want to know (at least I hope).

I'm sure many can relate, my fitness journey began with bad body image and I would complain about it to myself, my family, and my boyfriend but of course, I did nothing about it.

So, similarly to most females I began by eating as little calories as possible and doing a 15 minute HIIT every single day and constantly weighing myself. Although this helped me lose weight, it was not sustainable and I did not look healthy or feel healthy.

Somewhere along the way, something clicked and I thought to myself is it really worth basically starving myself to be a ‘skinny legend’. That's when I decided to get real and start my strong girl summer.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my lord and saviour, Chloe Ting. The popularity of her challenges encouraged me to give it a go, and I never looked back!

Overtime, her challenges became a bit too basic for me and that's when I knew I needed to step it up.

Feeling stronger and more confident in my body made it so much easier for me to join a gym, although scary at first it quickly became a habit and now I can’t stop!

In this fortnightly blog I will be talking about my fitness voyage and some tips and tricks on how to stay on track and motivated.

I too still have bad body image days, so let's do this together!

And Remember, it's not about how much you weigh, it's about the way you feel. Change your motivation and watch yourself become the best you.