Don't stand in my way! (unless you're a physiotherapist)

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by Freya
on 26 Aug, 20222 minutes read


I had my first physio session last Monday, and although it was over the phone, it has definitely been beneficial.

They have booked me in to see them face to face on the 6th of September, so hopefully I can get some proper answer of what the issue might be then.

But for now, he believes my muscle had waisted a way when I had stopped working out, making them weaker and the pain worse. Although this might be the case for me, it was good that I had stopped, as it makes it easier to rule out a pull or strain as waiting to recover usually helps with these issues.

He gave me some exercises to do twice a day, and I won't lie, I have forgotten to do it a few times, but when I do, it helps me complete my workouts better and definitely discourages the pain.

When I first started the exercise, I noticed my muscle was very stiff, making the exercises harder to do, but as a week and a bit has gone past it's getting easier and I notice a difference in my muscle mobility.

Regarding deciding my goals, I haven’t really had the time to think about it recently, I’m still free flowing the gym but with some progressive overload.

However, my physiotherapist told me to continue weight training and slowly bring my strength up, but to note down what I’m doing to figure out what may be triggering my pain. So, I think for now my goal is to focus on getting stronger, maybe I will do some flexibility and mobility workouts in between, like yoga.

Also, strength training will always be my favourite form of exercise, I don’t think I could ever replace it with something else, it always keeps my spirits lifted. I love the idea of being a strong woman that can pick up anyone standing in my way (literally), but there's still a long way to go so I better keep at it!

I am planning to set some more goals to complete by the end of the year, if my back issue doesn’t continue, so I promise I will have those for you next week.

Peace out and stay off those scales x

P.s. Happy Women’s Equality day to all the amazing females out there and those that support them!