The weight of a hamster

2 minutes read  

by Freya
on 15 Jul, 20222 minutes read

Hey Peeps,

So, I’ve put on 0.25kg since the start of my cut and to be honest, I am not surprised!

I did have a heavy weekend of food and a little bit of alcohol, so that threw me off a little because when I’m hungover I am very very hungry and crave salt and sugar!

But, I have also started to lift a little bit heavier again, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the weight is an increase in muscle - although it does take longer than 2 weeks to build muscle of course.

Anyway, I am not going to let this put me down because if I’m hard on myself then I am not going to be motivated to continue (and 0.25kg is nothing anyway, it's about as heavy as a hamster), these things happen and it doesn't mean you need to go crazier with your diet, you just continue and go again, as 2 weeks isn't long enough for a load of progress anyway.

I also don’t see myself looking any fatter, if anything I have only noticed myself looking slightly leaner than when I started, so this is the comparison I will be listening to.

Now that my back is feeling a little better, I am able to start doing the workouts I enjoy more, meaning working out is once again becoming less of a chore.

Although, having a break from heavy lifting has brought me a new liking to running, so I have now started implementing this into some of my workouts, and my muscles thank me!

I have also noticed that I can run for longer and my cardio fitness level is slowly increasing, which is something I have wanted to improve for a while because my apple watch tells me it is below average, which it has been since I had covid in December.

Improving my cardio fitness will help me in the long run with both my overall health and my resistance training performance and endurance.

I will continue with my mini cut for a few more weeks and let you know the results!

Anyway, here’s the recipe you’ve been waiting for…

Mango smoothie recipe